Model Rocket LED Flasher Support Files

OK, I’m leaving this here for informative purposes.  After a couple of launches, it became clear that the LEDs were too few and not bright enough. See for my most recent night rocket design; I really need another iteration of that design before I publish it...

This page contains links to files needed to construct a model rocket LED flasher powered by a PIC 16F505 microprocessor.  An article describing the design and construction of the flasher will appear in Sport Rocketry magazine.

All of the above, plus Gerber files for the boards and the firmware as a .hex file (.tgz format)

The two boards are available from at and

The design and code were all developed under Linux using free software tools.

  • The printed circuit design tools (pcb and gschem) were developed by the gEDA project.
  • The PIC assembler was developed by the gputils project.
  • The PICkit2 programmer code is available from Microchip